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Office of Student Affairs Organizational Structure



環境衛生暨校園安全中心 Environmental Sanitation and Campus Safety Center

生活輔導組 College Life Guidance Section

課外活動組 Extracurricular Activity Section

心理輔導組 Counseling Section

學生職涯發展中心 Career Development Center


Duties of the Office of Student Affairs


      Office of the Dean of Student Affairs

Head of Unit

洪煌佳, Dean

Plan and coordinate the overall development and duties of this office.



Coordinate the efforts of all units of this office and consult and with other university units regarding student affairs.



校園安全中心 I.Campus security center

Head of Unit

蕭雅芳, Director

Coordinate all matters related to military training and campus safety.



  1. Military training.
  2. Military service affairs.
  3. Campus safety.
  4. Off-campus student housing.



生活輔導組 II. College Life Guidance Section

Head of Unit

高泉元, Section Chief

Coordinate all matters related to student life.



  1. Overseas Chinese and international student affairs.
  2. Student leave requests and student rewards and punishments.
  3. Lost and found.
  4. Labor Education Action Program.
  5. Dormitory management.
  6. Student group insurance.



課外活動組 III. Extracurricular Activity Section

Head of Unit

陳孟炬, Section Chief

Plan and coordinate the work of this section.


  1. Student club activities.
  2. Student loans.
  3. Scholarships, financial aid and student worker fund.
  4. Tuition fee reductions and exemptions.



心理輔導組 IV. Counseling Section

Head of Unit

何育真 , Section Chief

Coordinate the work of this section.



1. Handling of student complaints.

2. Psychological counseling.

3. Special needs student guidance.

4. Tutoring and class meetings.



學生職涯發展中心 V. Career Development Center

Head of Unit

程鈺雄, Director

Coordinate all matters related to student career development.



1. Employment guidance.

2. Employment programs.

3. Professional certification and licensing subsidies.


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